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CGC Executive

  1. The management and control of the affairs of CGC shall be vested in an Executive consisting of 10 (ten) members who have been members of CGC for at least 12 months. Committee shall serve a period of office as hereinafter provided.
  2. The CGC secretary shall be appointed by the Executive as hereinafter provided.
  3. The Executive shall consist of the following office bearers:
    • Chairman
    • Vice-Chairman
    • Recreational CFP
    • Finance CFP
    • Development CFP
    • Road Commissioner
    • Track Commissioner
    • BMX Commissioner
    • MTB Commissioner
    • Secretary
  4. The Executive may designate additional portfolios from time to time as it deems fit.
  5. The officials contemplated in section 15.3 may serve in a dual capacity of also holding a portfolio determined in section 26.
  6. The election of members of the Executive shall take place annually at the AGM, while all other office bearers of the committee shall be decided upon and elected by the new committee and not by the AGM.
  7. Only members of CGC in good standing may be elected to the Executive.

Executive Committee

 Name Portfolio   Phone  Email
Shahad Khan
Chairman 082 829 6891
Vice Chairman    
Sydney Derman Treasurer 082 550 0849 
Koos van Tonder Road Commission 082 786 9594
Gavin Trusler BMX Commission 078 451 2919
Angela Scullard Track Commission
082 089 9661
MTB Commission    
(vacant) Transformation & Development    
(vacant) Technical Representative    

Email to send a message to the full committee

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