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Benefits of Membership

Virtual Club

CyclingSA requires that members wishing to obtain a cycling license be affiliated to a club and affiliated to their province before they will issue a license. We at CGC have developed a virtual club which can be joined by members who do not want to belong to a cycling club at this point in time. If you would like to join the province directly, download the application form and email it to with proof of payment so as to be issued a licence.



Comprehensive cover for you and your bike from Cyclesure — at a 10% saving for all CGC members. All transport, medical and hospital costs will be for the account of the cyclist or his/her medical aid. Some of the functions performed by CGC, through its Executive Committee and its representatives, include:

  • Being a representative body in Central Gauteng for the furtherance of the interests of road cycling;
  • Arranging, and assisting members to arrange, cycling tours, fun rides, races and outings;
  • Co-ordinating road cycling races, tours, fun rides and outings organised by its members and other bodies. To this extent the CGC compiles and publishes a yearly ride/race calendar for all its members. This assists riders to plan ahead and to ensure that no events clash;
  • Establishing contact and liaising with and, where appropriate, affiliating with other cycling or sporting organisations, particularly at provincial and national level, having similar or complimentary interests and objectives. In this regard CGC has been involved over the last five years in attempts at securing unification of all disciplines of cycling in South Africa. Although unification has not been achieved, CGC will continue its endeavors in this regard;
  • Maintaining a computer database of members into which each member's details are entered. This assists in cases of emergency as well as in general for other purposes. This has also been a requirement by the traffic department for a number of years;
  • Evaluating the CGC approved rides/events. A member of CGC Exco, or a person nominated by the Exco, evaluates and grades the more important CGC approved rides according to various independent criteria. This results in clubs setting and keeping high standards for events. The CGC evaluates and assists clubs to achieve the highest standard and rating for their rides. CGC also has available a ride organisers hand book to assist in establishing or approving rides. CGC also checks all race entry forms to ensure that they comply with CGC requirements;
  • Organising an interclub challenge. This event, which takes place once a month during the winter months, was introduced to enable clubs' recreational riders to compete against each other. This event proved so successful and competitive that it is now an intensely contested event and even the licensed riders of the CGCU take part in a separate category, despite no cash reward being up for grabs;
  • Purchasing certain equipment for use at races/events which can be hired from CGC at a reasonable rate. These include a public address system, Marshall attire, including flags, etc;
  • maintaining a database of relevant information which can assist clubs and riders in many aspects, such as contacts at local authorities, bike shops, professional trainers, clothing, health specialists, insurance and medical aid, book shops and legal advice;
  • Participating in an initiative by the Department of Transport to prepare a blueprint document for the development of cycling in South Africa in the next 20 years.


CSA License Information

Definitions & Procedures of Licensing & Membership

All first time applications may be requested a certified copy of their Identification Document to validate their correct age and nationality. A member of Cycling SA is defined as being a natural person who has made application to Cycling SA and has been issued with one of the following forms of license or membership cards or documents:

License Holders

  • LICENSE — an administrative document or card of identity.
  • MEMBERSHIP — Compulsory for all members of Cycling South Africa.
  • FULL RACING LICENSE — For any racing categories recognized by Cycling SA and the UCI.
  • DAY LICENSE — This is a license issued to a cyclist who practices cycling as a recreational activity and is valid for a 24 hour period between 00h00 and 23h59 per day.

Types of Licenses for Cyclists

In order to have membership or take a license, a cyclist must be a member of an affiliated club or Pedal Power Association. The riders residential Domicile Etcitandi Address will determine his affiliation to the provincial body and not that of the Cycling Club.

Full Racing Domestic License

  • JUNIOR, UNDER 23, ELITE riders have to apply to be able to compete in all sanctioned racing cycling events up to and including the Provincial and National Championships within these respective age categories.
  • MASTER (VETERAN) riders:
    - Do not need a full racing license to be eligible for Provincial Championship participation.
    - Require a Full Racing License to participate at any National Championships.
    - Riders wishing to participate in any Cycling SA league require a Full Racing License.
    - Riders who are part of a Team with a team manager and following vehicles in Road Cycling will require Full Racing Licenses.
  • Day license holders and riders holding membership only may participate in MTB events that are part of a series, but only FULL RACING MEMBERS may accrue series points.
  • BMX FULL RACING DOMESTIC LICENSES will be issued to all age categories. BMX riders aged 16 years or younger during the racing year applied for, will pay the same fee as membership and will be exempt from the Full Racing Domestic License Fee.
  • Clothing and advertising restrictions will apply. Chapter 3 of UCI rules regarding MTB clothing will apply.


No advertising and clothing restrictions will apply except those categories who have specified regulations within the UCI regulations. This allows a rider to compete in all sanctioned cycling events including inter-provincial events
and Provincial Championship.

Day License

At races other than Inter-provincial competitions, Provincial and National Championships, riders may participate with a temporary or day license, issued by their Provincial Body. This will enable a rider to enter a provincial calendar for the first time.

These licenses can be obtained from the Organising Secretary or Provincial Body during the registration and number allocation of the race. This License holder will race under the rules of Cycling SA but will not be covered by Cycling SA insurance and is responsible to make provision for his / her own insurance.

For a full set of rules and regulations regarding licensing go to:


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