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About CGC

Vision, Mission and Objectives

CGC has as its vision, mission and objectives, the promotion, growth, development and for these purposes, the control, of cycling in all its forms, including but not limited to:

  • competitive road racing and time trials;
  • track cycling;
  • competitive and recreational off-road cycling including cross country mountain biking and downhill mountain biking;
  • every kind of BMX cycling;
  • recreational cycling including the UCI concept of "Cycling For All";
  • commuting;
  • touring;
  • to remain vested with the sole right to select individuals and teams to represent the CGC nationally including but not limited to the South African National Championships, inter-provincial events and to award Provincial Colours;
  • to promote and encourage cycling in the Central Gauteng and to protect the interests and safety of cyclists;
  • to manage and control licensed competitive cycling in Central Gauteng and to frame and enforce rules and regulations for this purpose, provided they do not conflict with any of the CSA and UCI Rules and Regulations;
  • to exercise jurisdiction over all Affiliates or associated bodies or organizations;
  • to control cycling championship meetings, to maintain official records of performances, and to appoint officers, and officials for these purposes;
  • arrange, and assist Affiliates to arrange, cycle tours, fun rides, races and outings;
  • co-ordinate road cycling races, tours, fun rides and outings organised by its Affiliates;
  • maintain an amicable relationship with all Affiliates and members, nurturing a spirit of friendly rivalry in competition;
  • to achieve the secondary objectives more fully dealt with elsewhere in this Constitution; and
  • to do all things and to engage in all activities deemed necessary for the attainment of these objectives.



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